Bank synchronisation - Santander

My connection to my business account at Sandander keeps getting lost and I am fed up with having to keep doing it. Anybody else had this problem or is it me or my PC?.

Can you elaborate on this? Any error messages? What exactly is happening?

I enter all the information in’settings’ and then log in to my account and it work perfectly but when I return all the settings have disappeared. It is a new thing . It did not happen for several months. It is really annoying obviously not your fault.Has anybody else had the same problem?

I’ve tested on our Santander account and I’m not seeing this, the credentials are persisting between sessions. Have you got anything automatically deleting session cookies? Have you installed any other Google Chrome extensions recently?

Thanks very much Glenn. I seem to have enabled maps in my browser settings. There was a warning about it when I looked I have deleted it and hope that works. I’ll let you know.

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Great news. It worked and now back on track. How did you know. It is a miracle that at 76 I can do these things.

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That’s excellent, glad to hear it’s all working fine now!