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Bank Tagging Auto Tagging On/Off toggle doesn't cancel


The toggle On/Off for Auto Tagging on the Bank Tagging Rules page has ‘Cancel’ and ‘Confirm’ buttons appear when it is clicked. However the ‘Cancel’ button fails to stop the toggling happen, and the state of Auto Tagging toggles when ‘Cancel’ is clicked. (It also correctly toggles when ‘Confirm’ is clicked).


Not clear from the UI whether the action is happening or not - it might just be that the toggle state is not reset on cancel. It appears from clicking on confirm that there is some activity happening (activity bar appears briefly), which doesn’t seem to appear when cancel is chosen, so it might just be that the Auto Tagging toggle is left on the incorrect state…


Hi @mlawson

Thank you for your post. It does look like it’s just an interface issue. I have logged this with our team to review and will let you know when I have an update.

@mlawson - Just a quick update to let you know this has been fixed :slight_smile:


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