Bank tagging creates new invoices (duplicates)

I have added bank tagging rules, but I haven’t turned on the auto tagging. When a new payments arrived, I had to manually confirm each transaction. After that, I had a copy of the invoices which I’ve confirmed (with new invoice numbers) The new invoices (duplicates) have a different invoice name and invoice description.

Why is this happening? Can It be fixed? Shall I delete the new invoices (duplicates)?


Hi @Patrick_K

The bank tagging rules will always create new invoices. There are two ways you could fix this:

  1. Remove the rule and tag it to an existing invoice manually
  2. Amend the rules to not create an invoice and just treat it as a prepayment. You can then manually assign it to an invoice at a later date.

If the invoice the rule has created is a duplicate, then you can safely delete it.

I hope this helps

Thank you for your reply. Why tagging rules create new invoices? I don’t understand the idea behind it. :confused: I thought the tagging rules do the tagging for me. The same way I do manually just automated.
I thought, Auto Tagging what a great idea. Now I am disappointed and back to manual invoice tagging. :cry:


To put it simply - it doesn’t know which invoice a payment could relate to.

If you have 2 or more invoices for the same supplier, same date and amount, it doesn’t know which one it should update.

The best way to use them initially is to switch off auto tagging so you can see what action it will take, but you would confirm it before it processes it.

More details can be found here:

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