Bank tagging for non-GBP invoices

Another vote for bank tagging to work for foreign currency invoices. I appreciate that QF can’t find the invoice as the amount won’t necessarily match, but would it be possible for the manual option “tag multiple invoices” to show o/s invoices when the customer is selected? This could then take the user to the “log payment” screen to be completed as usual. It would just save a lot of time and multiple clicks.

Currently, when a payment has been received and uploaded to the bank account, I have to do this after amending the invoice to show the correct exchange rate:

  1. Copy the payment description from the bank feed.
  2. Go back to the invoice and click “log payment” - complete this
  3. Go back to the bank statement, paste the description on the entry created from the “log payment”.
  4. Delete the untagged entry from the bank feed.
  5. Each time I do another upload of the bank entries, I have to delete the entry again as QF does not recognise that it is a duplicate.

Thank you.

Can I just check, are you looking to tag transactions in a GBP account to invoices in other currencies?

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes. Invoices issued in either USD or EUR. Customer pays in currency via electronic funds transfer direct to our bank. Our bank converts to GBP and credits our account. When I download the transactions from the bank, it would be easier if I had the option to log a payment directly from the tag option rather than having to go into the invoice to do it manually and then deleting the downloaded transaction.

The upload statement procedure also then doesn’t recognise it as a duplicate and offer to skip the entry as with others.

Thanks for clarifying, we’re going to look into this further.

@Silverfrost we’ve now introduced an option to tag GBP bank entries to invoices denominated in any of the foreign currencies configured on your account.

When tagging as a payment from a client or to a supplier you will see a checkbox to match to different currency invoices. We’ll then check any unpaid invoices in your chosen currency.

There’s also an option to modify the “Exchange rate allowance”, this sets the + / - percentage amount in GB to ensure that the appropriate invoices are picked up in the list.

Hope that helps!


Wonderful - thank you so much - I have just used it and it works! Saves me a lot of time and clicks :grinning:

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