Bank tagging help please!

I have a set up where we send invoices to customers for work carried out for them. We also have a shop. Customers can come into the shop and use the card machine to pay bills. The problem I am having with this is the tagging of the transaction once it comes into the bank. So for example bill paid by customer is £1000, bill paid by customer 2 is £500 shop card transactions for the day £250. This come into the bank as £1750. When I tag against the customer it leaves £750 untagged then goes as a credit on their account. I can’t find a way of being able to tag the transaction to more than one customer and my till sales for the day? Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @Debbie1,

Have you looked at using the cash register tool? Cash Register Tool

This may help as you would use this as a bank account creating the money in, and then separating it into the different money out to pay the different invoices

You need to use a “merchant” bank account in QuickFile to represent the card provider. When you receive payment from a specific customer (i.e. when they make the card payment, which will be a few days before you receive the money from your card provider) you would mark their invoice as paid into the merchant account. For retail shop sales you could use the cash register tool which would log the card element if your retail sales as a payment in to the same merchant bank account.

A few days later when you receive the money from the card provider then you just tag that as a bank transfer from the merchant account to the current account - it isn’t payment from a customer at this point as the income was already accounted for when the card payments were originally made.

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