Bank tagging issues, duplicate bank account & 2 transactions tagged to one bank tag?

got into couple of problems with bank tagging,

I ended up duplicating bank current accounts during setting up of bank tagging only noticed earlier today, so I deleted all transactions on one of the account and renamed it to: “old bank account not used” one transaction could not be removed from that account? does this matter?
Is what I have done, correct solution for my situation?

Another problem I paid 2 cheques into the bank from 2 customers they both entered my statement as one transaction! can I tag 2 customers to one bank transaction? if so how?

Thanks Rob

Have you run an end of year process at all, or logged a credit note against an invoice? If so, this could be why you can’t delete that transaction. It may be in your figures, and therefore throw your profit & loss etc out. Maybe @Glenn could take a look at your account and let you know.

As for the cheques, you can’t tag 1 payment to 2 clients, but you can do it another way. Check this out:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I can see the remaining transaction, it’s currently tagged to a few invoices. Have you tried clicking the tagged button and detagging it first?

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