Bank tagging multiple foreign currency invoices paid together


A customer paid two invoices together in one transaction. But they are in forgiven currency. How do I reconcile them with the bank statement and mark them as paid? Because if I mark an invoice as paid manually there will be two transaction in the statement as against one that the customer has paid.


Hi @khyati, you can achieve that by “Add Credit” feature in client details view:

Enter the credit amount equaling two invoices (equaling the payment made by the customer), fill in rest of the details ensuring you “Make credit available for” your chosen foreign currency, and click “Save”:

Next, go to your foreign currency invoices and log the payment by using an additional option to “Apply from credit [your chosen currency]”.

Now you can apply this credit to reconcile each of your foreign currency invoices for that client.

Once you have completed the above steps, there will be a duplicate transaction on the bank if you’re using bank feeds and/or uploading your statements, therefore you will need to go to your Bank Account and delete the duplicate untagged payment.

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