Bank Tagging of foreign Sales

Dear all,
I am wondering how could I accomplish following:
I invoice in USD and eventually funds arrive in my GBP account which I get in QuickFile via bankfeed. How do I get about tagging the entry? QF does not automatically indentifies the corresponding invoice. I presume this is due to difference in receipt versus invoice due to forex. I believe the correct tagging would ensure the foreign exchanege loss flow thru the P&L?
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Hi @solarpower03

It’s difficult to try and match one currency to another because of the currency fluctuations. Because of that, you’re not able to tag a transaction in one currency to an invoice in another.

The best way to handle these payments would be to tag directly from the invoice using the ‘Log Payment’ button. This allows you to enter the value for the two currencies (e.g. £100 and $130). This would also create a new transaction in your bank account so you’ll need to delete the untagged entry.

I hope that makes sense, but please let me know if we can help further.

Worked beautifully. Thank you very much!

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