Bank tagging problem

Hi - I’ve tagged bank transfers in both the Company current and reserve accounts and, although it shows them as tagged, it often creates a duplicate entry which is shown as untagged. I then have to delete each of those entries. I also notice that under ‘current account’ there are also a number of entries now shown which are duplicates of tagged entries in the ‘Company current account’. I’m not sure why there is even a separate ‘current account’ shown, let alone why these duplicates have now appeared in it.

Few things you can look into for reassurance
If you are uploading bank feed and doing entries manually then risk of duplication prevails. Make sure no duplication happens while doing entries manually
Interbank transfers should be made and tagged from one account only

I’ll tag from one account only in future and see if that sorts the problem out. Do you know why some tagged entries have just appeared in an entirely separate ‘current account’ (which I didn’t set up but which is just in the list for some reason) as well as the one which I’m working on, which is entitled the Company name followed by ‘Current Account’. I think they are entries which I multi-tagged. None of the other entries seem to have appeared in this separate ‘current account’. I assume, in any case, that I should delete the entries in this separate account and, probably, try and delete all reference to a separate current account. But it would be interesting to know why it happened.


It is to do with tagging, I suggest if you bank balance agrees to statement then delete untagged entries and in future just tag from one bank account for interbank transfers, it will automatically appear in other bank e.g payment from one bank tagged as interbank transfer will appear as receipt in other bank, no need to separate book entry of receipt in other bank

All Quick File accounts are preloaded with a default current account (under nominal code 1200), it looks like you created another current account separately (Under nominal code 1202), rather than renaming the one that was already there. It looks like you then tagged some transactions in one of the accounts as transfers to the other account creating some duplicates.

I would settle on the current account you want to use going forward (I suspect the one you created later - nominal 1202) and delete all the transactions in the other account, which look like a bunch of transfers.

Thanks for that. I’m not sure how it happened, but I remember that I thought I was renaming the default account but, instead, it set up an entirely separate one. I’ve now deleted the entries in the default account, but it doesn’t give me the option of deleting it altogether, although it does with the default reserve account.

The default account is a system account and cannot be removed. You can (as I believe you have already done) set your other account to behave as the main current account. Otherwise we can run an update on our side to move everything to the system current account so the other one can be removed, just let me know if you’d prefer to do that.

Yes, Glen, I think that would tidy things up ie. to move everything from the current account I set up into the default current account so once I’ve deleted the one I set up, I will be left with the default current account with all the transactions I’ve carried out so far. I take it this won’t affect the reserve account.


I will send you a private message just to confirm the details. Also, no it will not affect the reserve account.

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