Bank Tagging Rule - Tickbox Missing

When creating a new Bank Tagging Rule, if you select the Payment Type as “Dividends” the box for “Tick if Director” does not appear. Once the rule is saved, you have to then Edit it for the box to appear correctly.

I’ve logged this with an engineer and we’ll have a look at this today.

Actually I didn’t properly check this before logging, but the option to “Tick if a director” is only relevant for PAYE and serves no purpose for “dividends”. From an accounting point of view it doesn’t matter if a shareholder receiving dividends is also a director. However it is relevant for PAYE, as director wages must be reported separately on the accounts.

There is however an issue here in so far as the checkbox should not be appearing at all when you select dividends while editing a bank tagging rule.

Ok thanks for checking it out. :slight_smile: