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Bank tagging rules (Bank transfer between accounts)

On transferring a payment from one bank account to another bank account by way of bank tagging rules instead of the receiving account having a description “Transfer from ***” sometimes the original description would provide more detail and a better explanation.

When processing invoices using tagging if the desription box is left blank {Leave empty to use bank reference} then the details are transferred across to the invoice.

Could there be a tick box when setting up tagging from a bank account to another bank account so the information is propagated across.

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I think in principle this could be done without too much of a problem. I am going to raise an internal feature request to have this reviewed further.

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Using the similar format to tagging purchases so that a bank transfer can either be setup as;

  • A simple bank transfer - receiving account shows “Transfer from ***”
  • Bank transfer with “Leave empty to use bank reference”
  • Bank transfer with “Another description”

When creating a bank tagging rule and the two bank accounts have the same description the “Match text saved” flags both accounts, for example “We found 6 matching transactions in 2 different bank accounts” but one account has a debit entries and the other a credit entries, so this does not create a problem for the tagging rules.

Hi Alan,

Just a quick update to let you know that we’ll be starting work in this shortly.

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