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Bank Tagging Rules - Historical Application

I have uploaded my bank and credit card accounts and now want to apply the Bank Tagging Rules to help sort the data. However it doesn’t seem to allow me to apply this historically to the older entires only new ones after the rule was set up. Is this possible or is there a way round to do this? If not QuickFile is no use to me which would be a shame as everything else is brilliant. Many thanks in advance.

Pretty sure the answer is ‘No’ and ‘No’ - has been discussed several times in this community, e.g. Auto Tagging On Uploaded Statements - developers’ opinion is that, while useful, would also be dangerous.

However, like you, I can see why it would be useful. You can do some quite useful stuff with ‘Advanced Search’ on the bank account page in QF, and then use ‘bulk tag’ for those items that have been found… that might get you a good part of the way there?

Many thanks, if I set up the rules first then upload the data would that work? Or will the past dates on the entries still exclude it. I know with Paddle and Quickbooks I can do the past applying of rules but the rest of the software is awful for Quickbooks and Pandle is missing some things that QuickFile has.

It will work on any ‘new’ uploaded data, the dates within the data won’t affect the tagging, but you would have to remove any existing transactions (it will avoid duplicating existing transactions). Any uploaded after the rule is in place will be run through the tagging rules.

Ok, that sounds like I can make that work then. I’ll upload a sample amount of a couple of months of data then write the rules based on that. Then I will delete all the upload sample data, then reload all the data I need sorting and QuickFile should then automatically tag it all? Does that sound correct.
Thanks J

That sounds like it should work, yes… Maybe post back here if it does, so that others can learn from your efforts.

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