Bank tagging to invoices

When I receive a bank payment and tag it as payment from a customer, Is there anyway I can then split the payments with some being paid to an invoice and some being paid to an expenses nominal code?

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Hi, you mean you get paid via stripe/square/gocardless/PayPal and so on?
If so, you create a new bank account so called merchant account within quickfile banking section. In that account enter the payment from your client/customer as a in transaction; enter a 2nd line for the fee which are charged from your merchant account provider - if you don’t have a live feed, if you have a feed then those transactions will come in automatically.
It is also worth noting that you don’t need to enter the fee for every transaction separately, you can enter a lump sum per week or month if you want.
When the payment comes through to your current account (clients payment minus fee) enter this as a in transaction to your current account within quickfile and tag it as a transfer between accounts and click on your merchant account. If you have a auto feed for your current account then this money coming from your merchant account will come in automatically and you don’t need to enter it manually.
Hope this helps

Thanks rhc I’ll look into that over the weekend.

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