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Bank tagging?

Hi there. I have lodged cash into back as one lump sum from several clients. How can i tag each invoice?

Hi @oneillms

You would have to split the payment if it is for different clients. You can not tag one transaction to multiple clients/suppliers. You would only be able to tag to multiple invoices if they’re on the same account.

Hope that makes sense?

ok thanks. so i have to lodge each transaction cash into the bank? do you think this option will be available?

You should enter each cash transaction in your Cash Account within quickfile and tag each transaction to the customer who paid it. This will create an invoice for that customer. When you deposit your cash to your current bank account, enter the whole sum as money in into your bank account within quickfile (if you have auto feed activated this will happen automatically). Tag this sum as a Transfer between accounts and click your cash account. This will create an tagged money out transaction in your Cash account. Everything should balance now
Hoipe this helps


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