Bank transaction description with Yodlee could be developed/improved

I have a Post Office credit card (this is useful for payments made in Euros, as there is no foreign transaction fee), but when Yodlee polls the transactions from the Post Office (Bank of Ireland) the only entry in the description is the just the name of the supplier.

For example “Flixbus” with no details of the foreign payment.

Description on the credit card statement:
Flixbus Berlin DE 11.76 EUR @ 10.11

But Yodlee have much more information available when polling:

Merchant Information: Flixbus
Berlin DEU 10178
Country Code: DE - Germany
Transaction Date: 12/09/2017
Posted On: 13/09/2017
Transaction Type: Purchase
Amount: £10.68
Currency: United Kingdom, Pounds (GBP)
Reference Number: ****************92291197
Source Amount: €11.76
Source Currency: Euro (EUR)
Conversion Rate: 1.101123595

So the information is available but not being polled into the description.

Is there way to update the description field to include “Merchant Information”, “Source Amount”, “Source Currency” and “Conversion rate”, this would then get QF description inline with the statement received, but also provide relevant information to account for such a transaction.

Are you sure this data is not getting added retrospectively? We see this a lot with banks, especially on foreign currency transactions. Initially they’ll add a short placeholder description, then perhaps a day later they will embellish it with more detail. The problem is Yodlee poll the bank before this extra information is added.

We will always use the description Yodlee supply us, so I suspect this is something that we’d need to query with them directly.