Bank transaction that will have to match with credit and debit

Hi, I will have to bank a bank transaction that relates to an invoice paid and money send as loan. Let’s say i transfered £9000, but the original amount of loan was £10000 and £1000 of it is an invoice paid straight away, How can i register that on the bank feed?

Hello @mariax123

Is there any VAT involved?, if not you could do the below

You could create a merchant account for this (Holding Account)


  • £1000 loan
  • £100 taken as payment by the loan company
  • £900 received

You create a Merchant/Holding account in the banking screen.

  • Record a money in transaction for the 10000 - Tag it to a loan nominal code
  • Tag the £900 on your feed as a Transfer from the Holding account
  • Record a Money out transaction for the £100 payment - Tag to the Loan Nominal code
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