Bank Transactions Failed 4th May

It looks like my Bank sync failed on the 4th May, how do I refresh ?

Hi, was the feed working after that day? Then you could upload a downloaded bank statement for that day. I think you can not refresh the bank feed for one day. One option is maybe to reconnect the bank feed and then you can get your transaction for up to 1 month but that is actually more complicated. I think the easiest way is to upload a bank statement for that day.
Which bank are you using? Some banks only send transaction when the transaction is complete, pending transaction are not send.
Or is your feed expired? Then you have to reconnect it to your bank. Go to Settings and click Open Banking in the 3rd party section. There you can see your feed, the status of your feed and reconnect it.


Yes it worked on the 5th and thereafter

When you say “upload” do you mean manual transaction?

Nat West

Feed has been recently renewed


Hi @John_Charnock

There was an issue with the NatWest feed which meant some transactions weren’t imported as expected.

This should now be rectified and any missing transactions should be showing. If this isn’t the case, please let us know.

Sorted, I exported and imported the CSV



You are welcome :grinning:

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