Bank Transactions Not Imported

I noticed an error in my bank balance.

I eventually traced it to two transactions dated 19/04 and 20/04. They were both not imported. I have tried a retrospective update but it does not find them.

Was there an issue with those dates and why can’t I retrospectively import the missing transactions?


Its 3 transactions, I just found another 14 April

Hi @John_Charnock1

There could be various reasons why the transactions weren’t pulled through automatically. Have you tried refreshing your feed back to this date?

yes I did try a refresh and it didn’t work, I have done them manually and I’ll key a more watchful eye on it

Thanks J

If you’d like us to look into this for you all we would need is the transaction details and your account number - If you wanted to send a message to @QFSupport we can investigate why they weren’t pulled in automatically or via the refresh for you

It’s Okay, sorted now



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