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Only just starting using it this week. Simple question. In words of one syllable how do i transfer money from internal bank account to another. Thank you

Once you enter transaction in bank account , click on tag and pick option
Bank transfer between accounts

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To transfer money between bank accounts you just need to create a transaction in one of the accounts. Once this is showing you click the red Tag me button and select 'bank transfer between accounts.

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Thanks for help. New to this. How do i get to the page you screenshot. Below is my home page


Assuming you have both bank accounts set up, then click Tag Me on the amount in bank A and the screen entitled What type of transaction is this? appears, click on bank transfer between accounts and point to the destination bank, then click save. That’s it!


Did you manage to sort this? If you go to the banking option in the blue strip that will bring up all of your bank accounts for you then to select one. Alternatively you can select one of the accounts by finding it on the bottom left of your home page.

Once you are in one of the bank accounts you then click the green button - Input new Transaction enter the details you want, Save it will then appear on your account as per my screenshot where you can click the Tag Me button.

Let me know if you still need help with this :slight_smile:

Thanks Beth. I am sorted now. Guess i am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but appreciate your help

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