Banking Automation - free or not

The QuickFile pricing chart shows bank automation is free i.e. it allows statements to be uploaded for subsequent tagging and the Knowledge Base advises banking feeds can be created via the " Connect a bank” button. However when one does that The system displays a pop-up “Try before you buy” advising Bank Feed is a £15 subscription service.

Not sure whether I’m missing something or if Banking Automation is just incorrectly shown as being free so clarification would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hello @willtfrank

There are 2 ways to get transactions from your bank.

You can download a csv file from your bank and upload the file manually
There are no changes from QuickFile associated with this method.


You can set up a Bank feed using the Open Banking standards (if your bank support it, you can check here).
We allow a 2 week free trial for this then a subscription is required at £15 + vat per year.

Many thanks for this. I had assumed that because the Options button was greyed ou that it was inoperable but your response prompted me to try it out which allowed me to see the “Upload statement” command.

Thanks for such a quick and helpful reply.

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