Banking feed stopped working - Natwest

I noticed my last bank feed was 12/3/2020. Looking in the 'Banking > Open Banking Feeds screen it appears the feed has been lost.

I have since tried to reconnect but receive the following message after I have entered my banking credentials

“You don’t have any valid accounts to connect to at the moment. If you don’t think this is correct, please get in touch with your administrator”

I bank with Natwest - Bankline. I can log into my bank account just fine so I know its not a problem with my credentials.

Please help.

Hi @StephenMallam

The Open Banking feeds are only valid for 90 days, after which it needs to be re-authorised, so this may be the reason it’s been removed.

But judging by the date, was it Open Banking you used to use, or was it Yodlee?

Where do you see the error message about having no accounts available - is that on the NatWest website, or QuickFile?

It was Open Banking. It has been working without intervention for years (since October 2017). Ive never had to validate it.

I see the message when following the link in Quickfile.

Quickfile > Banking > Open Banking Feeds > Connect a bank > Natwest > Bankline > Enter Customer ID and User ID > Enter PIN and Password >

Sorry, you don’t have any valid accounts
You don’t have any valid accounts to connect to at the moment. If you don’t think this is correct, please get in touch with your administrator.

If you’ve had it since October 2017, that would have been Yodlee as Open Banking have only been available for the last year or so. That does explain why it stopped on the 13th March, as Yodlee was discontinued on 14th March following a change in legislation (PSD2).

Regarding there being no accounts however, this does sound like it’s on the NatWest web site, which is unfortunately out of our control. This part is controlled by the bank directly. So in the first instance, I would suggest contacting them and seeing why none of your accounts qualify.

After selecting the accounts, you would then be returned to QuickFile to create the link.

Thanks but I’m not exactly sure what I am supposed to be asking my bank - qualify for what?

Please could you elaborate.

Thanks again

Hi @StephenMallam

The error the bank is showing you suggests that none of your accounts are eligible for Open Banking.

Generally, if they’re current, savings or credit card accounts, they should work fine. This is what I would be raising with the bank.

It has been the case in the past that something as simple as a missing signature on the account has prevented the link.

Thank you Mathew, I will contact my bank now.

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