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Banner after posting

After I post I now see a green banner at the top of the page, transaction tagged

Is it possible to switch this off, it’s really annoying and irrelevant information.

I would also like to add my thoughts about the banner. I have no problems that there is shown a banner as a confirmation but I don’t really like that the banner is straight over the blue task/menu bar. I am a person who works quite fast and to wait for these 2 or 3 seconds before the banner disappears is sometimes, when I am in a rush, annoying. For me it would be okay if the green confirmation banner could be below the blue task/menu bar or just a bit smaller so that the menu can still be used.

I agree it’s only a few seconds, but my brain is functioning in nanoseconds :grinning:

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I mentioned this the day they started doing it and @QFMathew said he was looking into it…

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