Banner Designer Horizontal Menu open in new Window/Tab

Getting to grips with all the features and especially the banner Designer for the Client Control Panel End.

Like the default links to the Quickfile internal system for messages/invoices etc. When adding a new link, especially an external to Quickfile link, it would be nice to have the option to specify where that link would open, ie in new window or Tab. In essence I specify in the designer that I want default Quickfile links /secure/comms etc to open as they currently do, it then as I add new items have the option to specify that they open in new Window or Tab, perhaps even to simplify the process, hardcode if the URL link is quickfile local ie /secure/... open in Parent, if not quickfile local then new Window?

Currently that is hardcoded to Parent effectively it opens in the window/tab you are in, thus you have now left the Quickfile interface and gone out to another website, it then makes it difficult for some of the less savvy clients who would use the interface to get back to their Control Panel.

Application I am thinking of is send quote to client, want to include link to Terms and Conditions saved on your own website, or perhaps a button to explain more about the product they are buying again on your own designed website. Leaves the quote to contain less information and allows the user to get the information if they want it rather than always include and bulk out the quotation or invoice template.

Thank you for the recommendation, I agree it would be useful to have that distinction. We do currently have quite a backlog of feature requests we are working through at the moment so I can’t promise anything immediately on this.

The menu editor you are using basically stores a chunk of html that gets injected into the page. We can override this to pop open those links in a new window if that helps? But it will mean that any further edits on the banner designer screen will break that behavior.

We need to put a fix in on this screen anyway (conversion to lowercase bug), if we can quickly add that functionality, we will.

If the functionality can be added quickly in the fixing of the lowercase bug then yeehah, if not then we can live with it till more thorough re working can take place.