Barclaycard bank feed


I set up automatic bank feed for barclaycard CC.
During set up process I was asked to confirm columns and I did this incorrectly. My accountant now sees purchases as payments and payments to CC as purchases … so I need to change how QuickFile sees columns but can’t get to this now.
How to do it ? I tried deactivating and reactivating but still it doesn’t give me another chance to rearrange columns …

Hello @Tidywork

I just want to confirm - are credits being imported as debits, and vise-versa?

There isn’t a manual way of changing this, but we can certainly check out the data we receive to see what’s going on here.

Yes exactly that.
I did choose wrong columns when first setting it up.

Just to confirm - where did you choose the columns? I just want to be sure we’re on the same page; our automatic bank feed doesn’t have the option to select the columns as we map these automatically based on the values from the feed itself.

I am having the same issue when importing CSV or QIF files from Barclaycard Commercial. All purchases appear as Credits (Money In) and all payments to credit card appear as “Money Out”. This needs fixing dear QuckFile.It would be good to have a checkbox in Setting for each account of type Credit Card to reverse debits and credits

@samstep9 - I will respond to the topic you have posted directly as the above relates to a bank feed.