Barclaycard Business No Feed Option

I have a Barclaycard Business credit card. I wish to open banking feeds.

Please confirm Barclaycard Business credit card is supported.

When I try to add this this way:
banking>open banking feeds>connect a bank: I select barclaycard. I then get three options for authentication non of which work for my card:

  1. connect with online banking. I only have App banking no online banking.
  2. Connect with BCP banking: Not relevant for my account
  3. Connect with corporate banking: not available for me either.

One thread I saw was to go to the account in QuickFile and try linking form there. I go back to the options above!

I even tried to register my Barclaycard for online banking, but they say my start 4 digits are not the expected ones. Mine is 5476 ****

Hi @Mattina973

I have a Barclaycard business account and it works fine with Quickfile.
Have you tried the middle option…pretty sure that’s how i re-authenticate the feed.

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Middle option asks to register my card first… and will need a PINsentry card reader for this. I do’t have one (yet). Confirm this is the process you went through.

I registered my Business Barclaycard for online years ago so cannot remember the whole process now - apologies.

Thank you! The middle option is the right one. I needed the PINsently card reader. Once I got it, I managed to create feed in 5 minutes.

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