Barclays bank feed issues

Any issue with the barclays bank feeds.
mine hasnt updated in a month, when i try to renew, i get an error message.

6031 - Unable to Step Up as process requires the user to be Access Level 40 (Two Factor/ PINsentry).

i have to say this is about the third time in a year this has happened and its a pain. is this a quickfile or barclays issue (or both)

Hi @bjhmilla,

You will need to use a Pinsentry device rather than a memorable word to log in. This appears to be what the error means.

Hope this helps

thanks beth

that cant be right, (it worked previously without it up to 6th june) but in any case, if i have to use pinsentry it isnt an automated bank feed. thats basically me logging in each time?


Hi @bjhmilla,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, your reply must have slipped through.

If you have an Open banking feed then this is automatic, you are just required to renew the log in credentials every 90 days. I would assume that if it is Open Banking then this 90 day period has expired. You can check by going to Banking > Open Banking Feeds it will show you the status of the feed.

Once you have renewed the log in credentials it will allow you a further 90 days access