Barclays Bank Feed no activating


I’m struggling to active the banking feed for my Barclays. I’ve followed all the steps and entered the code from Quickfile via the app and it shows up as my account not being eligible. I’ve spoken with Barclays and they’ve confirmed everything is fine on my side, so it might be something on Quickfile’s side?

I also activated the free trial for 2 weeks, which I did thinking it was part of the setting up said bank feed.

Any assistance please?


There was an issue a couple of years back with Barclays not allowing Open Banking connections for some people’s accounts, which they eventually traced to the bank missing some kind of signed “mandate” that they required in order to enable it. It took a trip to the branch to sort out a new signed mandate before the OB link would work.

Thanks both.

What would you recommend I do next? Get in touch with Barclays again or try logging in through the desktop as opposed to the mobile app or getting in touch with Quickfile?


I would try to delete the current feed and setup a completely new one. If that doesn’t help, then it is probably best to contact your bank again.

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