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Barclays bank feed not working prior to renewal


my Bank feed stopped working (again) a few weeks ago but shows as an active feed under my Banking information. Have refreshed etc but to no avail, no new entries are migrating across. Why does this keep happening? now I have to manually input everything which defeats the purpose of having this feed. Frustrated beyond belief :frowning:

I can’t help with why it’s happening (that would need QuickFile staff to look at your account) but the usual advice if a simple refresh doesn’t work is to revoke the Open Banking consent entirely and then set the feed up again from scratch granting a fresh consent with your bank.

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Hi @Sammie4

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your bank feed.

As @ian_roberts mentions, more often than not, revoking the feed and re-adding it again will fix it, so it’s worth giving that a go.

If you’re still having issues, please don’t hesitate to drop @QFSupport a private message with your account number, and we can take a further look at this for you.

We can also pull in historic transactions up to 28 days.

With Barclays this can happen if they place a marker on your account, the consent shows as live on our side although they return an empty response with no errors. Although it would be odd if it were happing frequently.

We’ll send you a private message to get some account details so we can take a deeper look.

Good morning / afternoon (I’m in Canada :slightly_smiling_face: ),

Thanks for all the feedback. I have tried disconnecting & reconnecting the feed/link numerous times before but sadly it hasn’t resolved the issue.

Could you send me a private message so that I can provide you with the relevant account details for further investigation?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi @Sammie4

No problem! A private message was sent earlier. You should see a green notification in the top right corner.