Barclays bank feed permision

On one of my clients quick files, it asks for permission to access the bank feed every 90 days.

Is there a way of removing this as on my other clients I never have to go through this process.
It isn’t easy to get the permission re-granted as it is the client who has access to the bank.
They are both with Barclays so I would think it is possible

Thank you in advance

Under Open Banking rules the longest they will ever grant a single authorisation for an OB feed is 90 days. If you don’t want to have to refresh after 90 days you have to use Yodlee instead of OB, and have your internet banking set up for “memorable word” login rather than pinsentry.

Hi @lisaefc,

Further to what @ian_roberts said, it is a rule put in place by the banks themselves for security purposes. The yodlee feed should be ok, but that does sometimes need refreshing when it glitches/theres an update

Just to add to @ian_roberts and @QFBeth’s posts, we do email the account administrator a reminder before this date is reached. If your client is the administrator of the account, we’ll email them directly.