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Barclays Bank Feed - Renewal Issue Nov19

Has anyone else had problems with the Barclays feed. I have used the link successfully for some years. Today, after it expired, I tried to renew the subscriptione but on the Barclays site it returned the code “6031 - Unable to Step Up as process requires the user to be Access Level 40 (Two Factor/PINsentry)” effectively saying I am not authorised to and cannot renew the link.

Having spent ages on the phone with Barclays I was told it is a QF issue. (Surprise!).

Anyhow here I am reporting it here with the hope of getting it resolved.

All support gratefully received thank you.

Hi @FulwoodTravel4,

This error just means that you have to use the PINsentry device to log in rather than the memorable word. You may have had the option to use the memorable word in the past but Barclays have changed their restrictions and require the two factor now.

Hope this helps

Hi Beth

Thank you for your quick reply. That’s brilliant thank you I’ll give it a try in the morning. The clue is in the error message and you would have thought Barclays would have been able to guide me!!

Thanks again.

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