Barclays Bank Feed (Yodlee)

I’ve signed up for the Yodlee bank feed (Barclays) and the bank account details are not being retained. I have to manually enter the details each time and use my PinSentry etc. Yodlee didn’t import any transactions for several days - and I had to go through the whole process of setting it up again - only for it to retain nothing (seemingly). What am I doing wrong?

Hi @PurpleSteve

Due to the nature of pinsentry (that is, a different code is needed for each login), Yodlee is unable to automatically update the account.

When you’re next prompted to login, select the “memorable word” option. If this isn’t shown, remove the feed completely and re-add it and follow the steps for memorable word. This will require your membership number too.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response. Just wondering how it is that FreeAgent is able to do automatic bank feeds (as it does for our other company)? Thanks.

Following this method, I still had to use my PinSentry, so it’s no quicker. It’s only marginally quicker than uploading a CSV file. Should I still have to do this?

I’m unable to comment on other setups, but there are several ways to connect accounts. It’s likely this will change with QuickFile within the next few months too as Open Banking progresses.

If you have “memorable word” with your membership number set up on your account, and you use this method to set the feed up, there’s no need to enter your pinsentry code.

If you could provide me with the steps you are taking or being shown, I’m more than happy to try and point you in the right direction here.