Barclays bank feeds not refreshing


Today is the 30 March 2024 and I was going to refresh a feed, but see the following:

Should there be a button to click to actually do the refresh?

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I am having a similar problem. Does anyone know how to sort this out? Thanks

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My bank feed is showing ‘no connectivity’ even though I reconfirmed open banking connections 2 days ago. When I try to refresh feed, there is no button showing to click. Thanks Oge

I’m having the same problem. Did you have any luck sorting it? Maybe we have a glitch with Barclays and Quickfile at the moment? I’ve had no issues for many years prior to this

I’m having the same problem, assume its at the Barclays end as my app went offline today.

I still have no connectivity and status as “offline”. Not having any issues with Barclays app or online and all authorisations are ok. Anyone had any joys sorting this or do we know any more about the issue?

I am having the same problem. Happened yesterday (Monday ) morning.

Hi @projectessex @Mokproperties @Thomas

Thank you for your patience with this. Our development team were made aware of this issue earlier today and are working to resolve this.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused with this. We’ll post any updates here as soon as we have them.

Morning guys , any update on this? From what you do know is it worth us deleting and re-enabling the feed?

Hello Matthew. It seems to be fixed . Thanks Dave.

I think its been fixed?

Hi @projectessex

You’re too quick for me :wink:

There was an isolated incident with Barclays that meant the feed hadn’t refreshed correctly. Our development team fixed it earlier this morning, but re-ran all the feeds within the last 5-10 minutes.

All accounts should now be up to date, but any problems, please let us know.

All looks good, the missing transactions have now imported.

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Mine also now working.

Thank you.

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My Barclays Business banking feed is showing as status “paused” and is not importing anything. I can’t see a way to unpause it so any help would be appreciated? It is different to it previously saying not connected and if I go in through the more info it will display my current correct balance so seems as though it’s connected to the bank but not importing into Quickfile.

Got it sorted now:
Banking > Options > bank feed settings - can unpause from here