Barclays Chrome Plugin

I have installed the Barclays plug in in chrome but I have never got it to sync anything at all. I have put in the correct details but nothing happens. I have to import my transactions manually.

We use it internally almost on a daily basis. Can you provide any specific error messages or details? What happens when you click the Export to Quick File button?

I don’t have export to quickfile, just export

Can you see the Export My Data window (the one illustrated above)?

I can see it but the export to quick file feature is not displayed

I see you have setup the automated feed and 2 transactions were imported this morning. You shouldn’t need to use the Chrome plugin for Barclays if the feed is configured, all transactions will automatically import on a daily basis (exc weekends).

Thanks. I noticed this morning it had imported some transactions. Glad to see its working! Thanks for assistance

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