Barclays Credit card automatic bank feed

Hi Glenn
This was briefly discussed on this thread:

I have the followign additional questions which the above post does not point to:

  1. How do we get the account number for the credit card?

  2. Barclays credit card has its own log in via (not same as for business bank personal accounts).
    However Barclay credit card can be added to the Barclays online banking app, and when logging into the app i can see the credit card transactions but not the account number.

So the question is - can i use Barclays business/personal bank account login for automatic bank feeds for the credit card if i had the account number for the credit card?

Many thanks

Hi @Sameera

I don’t have access to a Barclay’s account (will ask a colleague regarding this for you though).

How different are they in terms of appearance and functionality? Are you able to set up a memorable word on the Barclay Card web site?


You need:

  1. User name/ID number - this can be the 16 digit on the credit card or something else

  2. Passcode - this is not same as that of

  3. two letters from your memorable word. - also not same as that of

Many thanks

Why not just give it a go and see what happens?

I would have but there are two things:

  1. we don’t’ know the account number for the credit card.

  2. This is for a client, so i will need to guide them on this. ( i could try with my own Barclays credit card - its a personal one rather then business but i its still good enough for testing).
    So the main problem is what account number to use.

Some websites mention that after the first 6 digits on the credit card , the next 8 are for account number - is this valid


The feed works by reference to the URL and HTML layout. I’m afraid it’s very unlikely that the feed will work.

Unless the HTML templating is almost identical to the primary Barclays site it would be like creating a brand new feed from scratch.


the template and layout are not the same i.e. Barclaycard page looks very different from

Many QF users who use Barclays automatic feed will use Barclaycard at some point.
I am surprised that this issue has not come up yet.

If its possible Glenn, it will be nice to have automatic bank feed for Barclays credit card as well (sort of complete solution for Barclays users on QF)

or maybe the chrome plug in?

Many thanks

I think this is the first “Barclaycard Feed” post. I will convert this to the official Barclaycard feature request for now.

I can’t promise much here, creating feeds is very complex and time consuming. We need to maintain live accounts with all the different banks for testing/maintenance purposes, when these banks change their format just slightly we need to constantly rebuild things.

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thanks Glenn.
Maybe have this feature for power users so that its sustainable for QF?
My client who needs it is a power user…they will really be disappointed if they unable to automatically import it. :cry:

Hi @Sameera

The biggest issue with bank feeds is the banks themselves - changes to their interface can break the feeds.

Barclay’s is currently the only bank we are able to offer automatic imports. HSBC, NatWest, Lloyds, TSB, Co-op etc., aren’t supposed for automatic imports.

However, the Chrome plug in is available, and anyone with the knowledge is welcome to develop a part of it for us to include (as they’ve done in the past). @Glenn can probably comment on this more as he knows a bit more about it than I do.

i just realised that corporate Barclays credit cards have different login ( i was looking at personal one yesterday)

So not sure if this eventually links with regular Barclays login…

The Top 15 banks on QuickFile are as follows:

  1. Barclays
  2. HSBC
  3. Natwest
  4. Lloyds
  5. Santander
  6. Alliance & Leicester (Now part of Santander)
  7. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
  8. Co-Op Bank
  9. Halifax
  10. Nationwide
  11. Bank of Scotland
  12. First Direct
  13. Metro Bank
  14. MBNA
  15. American Express

If we were to extend bank feeds it would make sense for us to take this on in order of popularity. The only exception to this would be if any bank provide an open API, we would then prioritise this over other factors.

Just want to say that Barclays are in the process of migrating all corporate credit cards from Visa to Mastercard. As a part of this process they intend to, at some point in the future, integrate the card with the online banking facility, I hope at that point it will be accessible via the same feed, or at least access very easily implemented through it.