Barclays Feed - Bank Commission appears twice in QF!

On 8th April Barclay’s charged us £6.50 as an Account Commission Fee.
However, when the bank feed ran overnight it has inserted two commission transactions!
The 1st transaction has the reference: CHARGES COMMISSION FOR
The 2nd transaction has the reference: COMMISSION
This means that our bank balance is now wrong by £6.50

I assume that I am able to just delete the 2nd transaction and everything will be fine.
But I thought that you might want to look at this first, to see what happened, before I do the deletion!

Please advise me when you are happy for me to remove the 2nd transaction.

Best Regards,
Truly Madly Deeply Ltd

I would delete the untagged duplicate.

I have not seen this before but the one marked ‘COMMISSION’ was on the Barclays feed when we polled on the 8th. Then when we polled again on the 9th the Feed had changed the description to ‘CHARGES COMMISSION FOR’, the system assumed this was therefore unrelated to the first one and added it again.

As I say I’ve never seen this before but will keep an eye out if it happens again.

Thanks Glenn, I’ve deleted the untagged duplicate as you suggested and everything balances again.

Just had a look at my feed and this hasn’t happened to me so I can only assume that confirms it was a one off error on Barclays side.

Hi Glenn

It happened to mine and several of my client’s accounts as well.
You are right, its to do with the change of decription when its polled again the next day. Some of the other transactions whose description did not change were not affected.

If you wish to investigate, please look at account no. 6131433955, we have not deleted the duplicate entries yet.


If Barclays change the description from one day to the next, I’m not sure how we can easily isolate these cases? We actually spend a lot of time writing code to handle these edge cases with banks rather than actually doing productive work.

I too have had this problem recently.

For now I’m afraid you will need to manually delete them.

Funnily enough, after it not happening to me at all in the time I have been using Quickfile, they did it to me the other day. Luckily this particular case is easy to spot but it doesn’t really instil confidence in Barclays (not that I ever thought they were competent anyway).

Just a heads up we also have this exact same problem with Barclays Bank monthly commission charges being duplicated

Had the same problem, I called the bank only to be told that they can’t see it in their system. When I compared bank account to my QF feed, I figured it out that it was indeed an error on two occasions.

In May and in June, I had to manually delete them both.

i think, before April 2015 QF bank feeds imported previous day transactions. So by the time bank charges were imported the description had already changed.

Since beginning of April 2015, QF imports same day transactions if these transactions already appear in the bank account.

I quite like the same day import. But as we can see it brings along with it this duplicate bank charges issue.

Just to confirm, we made no changes to the way we poll feeds in April. Although (as previously mentioned) some change occurred with Barclays CSV at that time whereby they display the item at one time marked as COMMISSION, then later as CHARGES COMMISSION FOR. If they change the description of transactions it makes it hard for us to determine if they are duplicates or not.

ah sorry Glenn for assuming that the change was on QF side.

@Glenn - thanks for the update Glenn :slight_smile:

We’ve just added a specific filter for Barclays that we hope will solve this problem of duplicate COMMISSION entries.

The feed will now revise any entries coming in with the description “CHARGES COMMISSION FOR” to just “COMMISSION”. This should then get picked up as a duplicate and ignored.

I’m going to mark this one as “Solved” but I’ll leave the thread open for a couple more months, just in case!

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That’s great, thanks Glenn!

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I am glad there is a way to avoid this situation. many thanks

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