Barclays Feed Error On Second Account

Just wondering what “Download confirm screen validation error.” means?

It is in the error log of the secondary account. It used to work fine and is accessed from the same screen as the primary account so see no reason why it shouldn’t work as I can log in and the feed works fine for the other account.

This is a bit of a misleading error, it’s not usually related to an error at all. What happens is the feed goes through the motions of downloading the CSV but when the popup appears in Barclays it reveals an error to say that no transactions could be found in this date range. It does however confirm that the feed logged in and identified the bank account, it’s just it didn’t discover any transactions to download.

Ah, OK. Prior to 02/07/14 it says ‘No new transactions found’ so is this a change you have made that now gives this new error?

In addition to that there was a transaction on 09/07 (transfer from the main account) but it isn’t pulling this in as it gives the “Download confirm screen validation error” for that date. Is this because I have already tagged it from the other bank screen in Quickfile which inserted the transaction in the second account automatically?

I think there was a code regression, I know it has been changed back today.

Regarding your second point if you see the message “Download confirm screen validation error” for 09/07 at that point it’s actually trying to get the data for 08/07 and it’s saying there was nothing to download up to the close of 08/07. When the feed runs on 10/07 it should grab that one for 09/07 if it isn’t already there.

Hope that makes sense, I know it can get a bit confusing!

I actually have the “Download confirm screen validation error” for every day since 02/07.

Same. For Barclays,

15/07/2014 05:04 Download confirm screen validation error.
12/07/2014 05:04 Download confirm screen validation error.
11/07/2014 05:06 Download confirm screen validation error.
10/07/2014 16:05 Download confirm screen validation error.
09/07/2014 05:41 Download confirm screen validation error.
08/07/2014 06:38 Download confirm screen validation error.

@Sam_James this happens when our feed is sending a start date to Barclays (usually corresponding to when you setup the feed minus 1 day) that they don’t recognise, usually because it predates the account setup date. The problem then repeats every day until we intervene and nudge the date forward.

It’s tricky as we don’t know if an account is new or not and the feed needs to parse and read the text response from Barclays to know what’s happening.

Anyway I’ve moved the start date forward so this will not be an issue going forward.

Awesome thanks Glenn

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