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Barclays feed errors

When I try to refresh my Barclays feed I get an error:

6013 - Sorry we were unable to complete your Open Banking request, please go back to your Third Party Provider.

No more information than that. Is there an error at Quickfile’s end, or is this a Barclays problem?

Incidentally, on the page Login: All Voice Limited I get the error

Barclays authorisation server returned an error: Unexpected Runtime Authn Adapter Integration Problem.

Hi @iainhallam

At which point are you seeing the error? are you on the Barclays page?

Hi, @QFBeth.

The Barclays bit goes fineif I use mobile banking; the error occurs on Barclays’ page if I try to use online banking. The Open Banking page on QuickFile is where I see the notice about lack of connectivity.

I’ve now revoked access to try to force a new connection with the same results - I get the same 6013 error when using online banking, and while the Barclays steps seem to work with mobile banking, when I’m redirected to your site again, I get the error about the Barclays authorisation server returning an error.

If this is an error on the Barclays site, I think it’s likely to be a Barclays error rather than one on our end.

Let me send you a private message and we can take a few more details from you to take a look.

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It turns out this was something in my browser profile - a blank user was able to connect the feed.

Hi @iainhallam

Glad it’s all sorted now :slight_smile:

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