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Barclays feed expired

My feed has stopped working and needs to be renewed, however using mobile banking it takes me to the following page error.

This openbanking.barclays.co.uk page can’t be found

No web page was found for the web address: https://openbanking.barclays.co.uk/forms/open-banking/idp


Hi Mike

Are you able to try that again? I tested this and it works for me and brings up a Barclays page displaying a 6 digit token.

May have been a temporary issue on Barclay’s side?

No still not working ?

Not working in Chrome but works in microsoft edge. All sorted now thanks

If you have any anti virus extensions on Chrome or an ad-blocker it may have blocked the connection. If you hit F12 and look for any errors down at the bottom that would usually indicate that an extension blocked the link to Barclays.

Glad you sorted it anyway!

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