Barclays feed issues?

My Barclays feed has not run since 19th Jan, is there a problem?


Hi Quickfile, I have the same issue from the same date.

@Rob we have recently started receiving sporadic “service not available” messages from Barclays, this may be due to our feed coinciding with their own routine updates / maintenance. I have manually re-run your feed and it appears to have pulled through some entries since 19th.

@Brent_Morris would you kindly check that you are able to log into Barclays using your memorable word. I can’t see the exact error but it seems the memorable word has either expired or is incorrect.

Thank you, I can see the transactions have been imported, I am also aware that Barclays did indeed carry out some maintenance on Sunday 21st Jan.

Do I assume that the feeds will be back to normal now?



@QFMathew, I had a look and I when clicking on the hyperlink ‘setup a passcode and memorable word.’ It says the page no longer exists.

I am wondering if you can guide me in setting up a new passcode and memorable word. As you say it seems its not accepting the current ones I have

@Rob we are looking into a couple of other issues that have arisen since 21st, we are still investigating at this stage. Although we are now able to see the accounts affected by this error and will manually re-run so it shouldn’t cause you any disruption.

@Brent_Morris this would be an error on the Barclays website. It may be worth contact them to see what the issue is there. I located a general guide on setting up a memorable word and passcode here, this may help.