Barclays Feed - New login procedure

We have become aware that Barclays are in the process of rolling out their new online banking screens. Regrettably this will break our current feed. This will cause some intermittency over the next few days until such time that we are able to update our software. At this stage we don’t know the full extent of the changes but I will keep you updated on this thread.

This unfortunately is one of the pain points when it comes to bank feeds in general. We’d really like to see Barclays roll out a fully functional read-only API. There’s a couple of feature suggestions on the Barclays forum that I would urge any Barclays user to add their vote to.

EDIT: 30th July 14:18

We’ve spent most of the morning working on the feed and it’s 95% there. We’re now running the feed on all accounts so within 2 hours the feed should have completed. The bank feed plugin will not work on the new forms but we’ll publish an update to this early next week when we’ve had more time to test.

EDIT: 31st July 10:20

After making the required changes to our feed, we polled all accounts last night. Every feed was polled and approximately 50% brought in new transactions which would be typical. There are still some special cases where it failed which we’ll be working on today.

EDIT: 4th August 11:14

Some additional rules were added to the feed to catch some specific scenarios that would have resulted in the feed not working on a small number of accounts. If you have any doubts, let me know and I will manually check for you.

Pain in mean time do i enter manually or wait until fix ?

We’ve actually spent most of the morning with this and we’ve rewritten a big chunk of the plugin. We’re running the feed now so give it a couple of hours and you should be up to date.


the barclays bank feed seems to have stopped, it’s been a couple of days now for us. I notice Barclays have made changes to their online site, not sure if this is the cause?

our account is ****411925


They have indeed changed the login procedure which has caused issues with the current feed (it hasn’t just affected QuickFile). We have done the bulk of the work to correct the feed but, there’s still likely to be some reliability issues.

All explained on the top post.

It still amazes me how proactive you guys are for a premium software that you give for free, i mean i understand the motivation as i create plugins…etc for a well known forum software and i love to keep improving them but where do you find the time to be on top of things so quick? :smile:
Anyway, really glad you do!


It’s nice of you to say so!

Personally I think you can’t offer this kind of service unless you’re 100% committed, so in that respect we work the same as if we were collecting a fee from every user, and fixing bugs is paramount. It’s a big project but we enjoy the challenge :smile:

I must admit that the lack of any progress in terms of the major UK banks developing a reliable feed is frustrating and is one of those areas that would really make a difference to small business accounting.

Is there currently a problem with the bank feed from Barclays as ours does not appear to have worked since Thursday last week

Paul Gibbons
Heales Medical

@paul_gibbons I’ve moved your post, take a look at the above thread.

There are some specific cases that aren’t being handled by the change yet and we are working on these.

@paul_gibbons there was a particular scenario on the new feed that was getting missed, I’ve manually brought your feed up to date and it should import fine thereafter.

Dear Glenn

My Barclays feed stopped working between 26th June and 11th Aug 2014. I am missing some transactions between those dates. Would it be possible to pull them through via the now active/working bank feed?

The account no is 6131433325

Thank you

I’m afraid we can’t pull specific date ranges using the feed. You can download that date range from Barclays in CSV and upload to the bank, that should work.

OK. thank you. I will try that.