Barclays feed not running correctly


I set up the Barclays feed yesterday and says was scheduled to run at 4am today and is saying will run again at 4am tomorrow but can’t see any transactions etc and thought it would update the balance itself?

Thank you in advance

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It can take a couple of days for the feed to sync after you set it up. There’s no problem connecting to your account, I’ve manually run the feed and brought yesterdays transactions in. It should sync fine from now on.

Hi Glenn

Thank you for the reply, appreciate it

Yeah seems to be all running ok now by looks of it, will keep a eye on it again tomorrow

Also last question, sorry

Is it possible to print out payment receipts as I like to print the invoice and then when a client pays, I log the payment etc but is it possible to print the receipt for the payment as it is currently logged on the invoice but has no payment date or method but can view the payment receipts but can’t print them?

I add the payment date and method manually in the notes on the invoice but will be nice to print the payment receipt off and save it send that to the customer in PDF format

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Regarding the second query please see here, it’s a feature under consideration.

Also best to post new questions separately it makes it easier for other users to find relevant questions + answers.

Sounds great Glenn

Look forward to the feature in the future, am really loving using quickfile, is really good, keep up the good work

I’ll remember for next time to post questions separate, hopefully won’t post too many as am playing with it to learn it so don’t have to ask ask many questions

No problem, really pleased to hear you like love the software :slight_smile:

If you have any probs with the feed let me know!

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Will do defiantly, thank you for the replies and help really appreciate it

Kind regards


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