Barclays feed not working


I set up Barclays auto feed a while ago. It worked fine and did pull the transaction automatically. I have not use that account for a few months. Now I use it as my default account. But the auto feed not working any more. I tried the following:

  1. Delete the auto feed setting, set it again
  2. Delete the bank account and set it up again.
    Still not working.
    Could you please help me with it?


This is happening to me too since at least last Friday 30/08…


A couple of things to mention here.

  • If you don’t login to an account for 3 months the feed will stop working. This is to preserve system resources.
  • The feed doesn’t run over the weekend and resumes on Tuesday at 2:00am. This is because the banks don’t update transactions on the weekend.

There may be a bunch of other reasons why the feed stopped in your case. I will take a look and let you know. I can however see the feed ran this morning on several hundred accounts.

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@Yoyoinfo I’ve now manually ran your feed. It seems the surname got caught up in our validation system as it was only 2 characters long, we’ve now put a permanent fix in to resolve this issue.

@oscar Your feed ran fine when I manually invoked it, two new transactions have just been imported. It looks like you updated your credentials this morning, before that the feed wasn’t completing.

Thanks for sorting it out. I deleted the account and re set up the auto feed yesterday. No transaction created so I updated the credentials again this morning.

Glad it’s working and will save me a lot of time on booking. I really appreciate it.


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@Glenn Thanks for resolving this so quickly, Glenn. I don’t think I made any change to my credentials this morning, unless creating an account to post on the forums automatically updates them somehow…
Anyway, thanks again!

I can see there was a new transaction from yesterday when I log onto Barclays online account. But somehow it’s still not been pulled to QuickFile automatically as I check it this morning. Could you please look into it? Thanks a lot.

The whole feed didn’t run last night so we manually ran it this morning. I can see that 1 transaction has now been pulled in on your account.

My feed also isn’t working. Set up a few days ago and not still not pulling. Any help greatly appreciated.

@Glenn just wondering if you’re able to help with my Barclays feed not pulling transactions through.

Sorry we missed your previous post @gus, I’ve manually ran the feed for you on the 3 bank feeds linked to your Quick File account. The problem was we were trying to start the feed from the 3rd but the account hadn’t been fully setup until the 4th and 5th, it shouldn’t be a problem going forward.

@glenn Thanks. While I’ve got the airtime, can I just say how fantastic I think Quickfile is. Awesome product, awesome service!

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@gus, thank you…it’s very nice of you to say so :blush:

@Glenn I’ve set up the barclays account feed as per the instructions but I get no transactions.

It seems as the feed was never executed, I have no messages on the “Transactions Processed” and “Feed Error Log”

Can you help me?

@francodacosta Double check your login credentials as I just tested and they appear to be incorrect.

@Glenn I’m pretty sure the login credentials are correct, but I’ve added them again

Could it be the surname? Quickfile truncates my surname



More than likely yes! How many characters is it truncating off the end? I’m guessing only one but then I tried adding an extra a and it still failed so maybe there’s more than one?

@Glenn Can you try again with the “a” at the end ?

Barclays blocked my account

@francodacosta please can you go back in and try to enter your surname again? We’ve extended the character limit to 25, it was previously 20. Let me know when you’ve done this and I shall retest.