Barclays Feed Stopped

Hi, our Barclays bank feed seems to have stopped working again (as of about the 3rd). I’ve ensured the export section on the main banking page is not hidden.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Ben

Just picked up a few points from @Glenn from another thread:

  • If you don’t login to an account for 3 months the feed will stop working. This is to preserve system resources.
  • The feed doesn’t run over the weekend and resumes on Tuesday at 2:00am. This is because the banks don’t update transactions on the weekend.

Do you log into your account on a regular basis?

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At least once a month, but not using the memorable information!

Hi Ben, I see your feed stopped on the 5th of December and was disabled after 3 unsucessful attempts. At this point did you disable the login via passcode + memorable word?

I see now it’s accessible again and I have just manually run the feed to pickup any missing items.

Let me know if you have any further problems.

Not aware that anything changed. I’ve not changed anything today that’s for sure.

Thanks for looking into it for me, much appreciated.

Merry Christmas!

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