Barclays not allowing personal and business bank feeds activated in one permission?

Hi there,
I can not attach both my business and personal accounts at the same time.
All the accounts I am using are with Barclays and I have three personal and three business accounts and it will only let activate either the personal or the business accounts .
My bank tell me I need to get a second permission to activate both personal and busines accounts.
has anyone else had this problem? I have managed it before and now it won’t let me.
Does anyone know how to get a secondary permision from barclays?
Thank you

Hi lorrayndepeyer,
Have you got 2 separate login details for private and business? If so you can only use one feed for one specific bank in quickfile at the moment. But you can have (I think) 1 feed for credit cards and one for current/saving accounts with Barclays.

Thank you
I don’t get it becasue I had six Barclays accounts working fine before and now I am only able to connect either thepersonal or the busines accounts but not all of them together. Quckfiles say I have to ask for secondary permission from my bank which I ma trying to establish now.

Has anyone managed to get bank feeds working for both personal and business banking acocunts with barclays? it wil only let me do one or the other?

Were you using the Open Banking feeds before though? There have been at least 4 ways of connecting to Barclays over the years, with differing restrictions.

My previous accountant set this up for me however, as far as I know he was using open bank feeds. What is the diffrerence?

The older methods for the bank feeds have been phased out so will no longer work. The Open banking link will connect to one log in for online banking. So if you have both a business and a personal account you may need to speak to the bank to have them under the same log in details in order to access them both.

Thank you for this though I wish I had known about this earlier as I did try talking to them adn they just sent me back to you.
I will try again when I have time. In the mean time I have just been revoking and then re-activating them as I need tham.
Thnaks for getting back to me.

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