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Barclays Open Banking - Account Markers

We are aware that a small percentage of Barclays customers have faced some restriction while using Open Banking services due to account related markers. In such cases we have found that the customer is able to create an Open Banking consent and select the accounts they wish to share. The issue arrises when we attempt to read transaction data using that consent, upon which an error message is returned.

We have been advised by Barclays to encourage any affected customers to visit their local branch inorder to check for the presence of account level markers. Where there are multiple signatories on the account mandate, it is advisable for each individual to visit their local branch and check for the presence of these markers, or any restrictions that may prohibit the use of Open Banking Services.

UPDATE November 2019:

Barclays have confirmed that they’re implementing a number of fixes that are due to go live by December to address these issues. We will continue to collaborate with Barclays on this matter and provide further updates in due course.

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