Barclays Yodlee bank feed not working

the bank feed is not working on my no.2 account - no.1 account is fine. No.1 account always happens automatically; no.2 account I have to do manually but I’ve tried it twice now and it’s now working

Hi @carolinehagen

Can you tell me a bit more about this issue please? What error messages are you seeing for example, and at what stage?

i go through the usual process; entre my barclays security code and it then says the earliest we can download transactions is 13 august - which is correct, that’s the last download I have. it then tries to download and then comes up with “no transactions found”

Do you have quite a few transactions? If so, it can take a while to update, so it may be worth giving it a few minutes and re-trying again.

Regarding the process - you mention you don’t have to login for your other account, only this one. You can change this if you wish, but you would need to remove the feed and re-add it using the memorable word set up.

I’ve tried it twice and it hasn’t worked. I seem to remember I tried a couple of weeks ago and it wouldn’t work then either

Let me send you a private message to get a few more details. Please look for a green notification in the top right corner.

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