Base currency other than GBP

Are there any plans to allow other base currencies at some point in the future?

My particular case is that I need to be VAT registered in a few countries so after discussing it with an accountant they’ve advised me to run a separate set of books for each country, with all reporting in that country’s base currency. The fudge I’ve come up with at the moment is my EUR books have the base currency of GBP so I’m having to be careful that any currency conversions are done correctly.

This would be of interest to me as well, and I had a conversation a while back with QF about it (will find the link if I can). Issues are (1) limited dev time, (2) built from the ground up for GBP, (3) Chart of Accounts, etc. etc. vary between currencies. Not to say it wouldn’t be impossible - and you and I would cope with the fudges around chart of accounts, etc., I’m sure - but probably not going to fly unless we crowdfund a significant amount of dev time, etc.

There are definitely some use cases for a a system built with a bit less structure in the CoA, base currency agnostic, etc. but they’re edge cases, not core :frowning:

So, we just need someone that recognises some of the unique features of QF, the quality of the development team, and who will invest as a development partner (don’t know if that’s on the radar for @Glenn …?!)

Hi @mlawson,

If you’d like to register a vote for this feature you can do so at the top of the thread, we will monitor the interest and post any updates here :slight_smile:

I’m afraid it’s not a priority right now, we’re continuing to prioritise the UK market and see through all the forthcoming MTD and Open Banking changes.

Not to say it can’t happen, although it would require external investment and an expansion of our team. It’s just not something we can take on at the moment I’m afraid.

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