Better receipt tagging defaults

I like that when I choose a supplier when tagging an invoice, some fields are filled in for me automatically, particularly the category. It could be better though. For instance, I have some US supplier, which are always tagged as currency USD, No VAT, but when I choose them, the form actively switches to GBP and 20% VAT. I’d like to see the following fields correctly remembered from the last time that supplier was used:
VAT rate
Category (already works)
Project tags
Payment information (some suppliers are always immediately paid in full from a specific account)

It would make tagging receipts much quicker. Really, Supplier should be moved to the top to encourage users to choose it first and get their defaults filled in immediately.

I believe these are all taken from the default for that supplier, as set in the supplier control panel under “modify supplier details”.

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Ah yes. So it seems the problem is that the defaults aren’t set correctly when you create a new supplier from the Tagging page

I’d still like to see automatic filling of Payment information - i.e. whether it has been paid in full and from which account. That would save a lot of time when tagging receipts.

You can do this with some entries in the custom scripts section if you have a power user subscription.

This would select for example the credit card as the default account in the receipt hub when you check the “paid in full” box;

$(document).ready(function() {
    nominal = 1250;
    currency = 'GBP';
    $('#dropBankAccount').val(nominal + '-' + currency);

There’s more info on custom scripts here;

Thanks for this. It seems very cryptic though. Why does the nominal code need a currency? Is there any reference for the scripting language?

I’d hoped hovering over a UI item might give me its id, but I can’t find any way to get it

EDIT: Just realised I can get the id using Chrome’s Inspect function. Some scripting docs would be good though. For anyone wanting to automatically set expenses as Paid in full from Petty Cash, the script is

function paidPettyCash() {

$(".imgCreateNewPurchase").click(function() {
    setTimeout(paidPettyCash, 0); // Lets it execute after the default handler

The 1230 comes from the “Nominal code” in account settings

It’s Javascript/Ajax, so although there is no specific Quickfile reference it should just work with any JS that fits in with the code on the site. The whole point is that you can do whatever you want that works, so there is no set scripts to use.