Billing and Direct debit

Hello team,
When I tried to login to my affinity account I have received the following message:

Please setup a Direct Debit or credit your account
In order to continue using QuickFile Affinity, please setup a Direct Debit or credit your account with a one of card payment.
To learn more about how the billing works in Affinity, click here.

After setting up a “Direct Debit instruction” I am still unable to login to my Affinity Account.

Can you please assist me to regain my access to my accounts as I urgently need my accounting software.

Many Thanks

Hi @akeshani,

Sometimes it can take a little while for the system to update and register the active direct debit. Have you tried logging out, clearing your browser cache and then logging back in?

Hi @QFBeth
Logged out and backed in again and it worked.

Thanks for your help.

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