Booking Confirmation Form

We send out quotations using the estimate feature, and once accepted we then send out a deposit invoice with the terms and conditions along with a booking confirmation form that basically they sign and return to say that they have read to T&C’s and agree to the damage waiver blar, blar, blar…!

Currently i have to write out each persons booking form with all of their details on it. Is there some way of being able to have a template on QF which can be like the email and have a standard set up but with each individual clients details etc that can be sent? Not sure if this could be done using the letters due to it being set up for letters not a booking form?

We have paid for the power sub so im hopeing there is a way of doing it?

Many thanks

Hi @Hayles,

Just so I know I’ve got the right end of the stick - do you do all of this writing on the estimate/invoice? or are asking that it’s part of the email?

We put it as an attachment to the email. So for example, the client will receive the invoice, along with (currently) a PDF for the booking form and a PDF of the T&C’s. Im happy for the T&C to stay as a PDF which i send out with all of the deposit invoices, but the booking form would be great if its standard, but has the individual clients name, address, event etc from within QF; otherwise im always having to write this on another program and put it as a PDF attachement, i then dont have the continuity of having everything sent… i hope this makes sense?

Hi @Hayles

If I’ve understood correctly, supplementary pages may be suitable.

This would allow you to set up templates and you could include tags here, such as @ClientName@ which will pre-fill the template with the details for you. It does require a bit of HTML knowledge (as the templates are in HTML), but we can point you in the right direction if needed.

There’s more on this here: Supplementary Pages

Let me know if that helps?

Thats what ill be wanting, thank you, just the job

That’s great. Give it a go, and if you do need any help, please don’t hesitate to let us know :slight_smile:

Is there a way of putting the logo in a supplement page?

You should be able to use the <img> HTML tag, but you would need the logo to uploaded to some webspace.

Is it already on your invoice? If so, you could re-use this. If you edit your invoice (Sales >> Invoice Customisation), select the invoice box and you can then copy the address for the invoice:

The code you would use for this then, would be:

<img src="{{Link you just copied}}">

Let me know if that helps?

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